Day 2: Christchurch

Day 2 was really just an extension of Day 1 for me – I did get a little bit of sleep on the flight, but my first day in Christchurch didn’t really feel like a separate day.

Craig and Kendall picked me up from the airport, I grabbed a quick shower since I was gross from 24 hours of flying, then drove into downtown Christchurch with Craig to walk around for a bit. Of course, everyone drives on the wrong side of the road: if you’re used to driving in America, your first thought is “we’re all gonna die!!”

Driving on the wrong side of the road! We're all gonna die!

Christchurch is still very much recovering from the 2011 earthquakes. Most of the building that were in the most immediate danger of collapsing have been demolished by now, but there are still a lot of condemned buildings that are still awaiting destruction. There is also new construction to replace the old buildings everywhere you look.

Lots of construction rebuilding after the quake Buildings still waiting to be demolished New modern construction post-quake Cathedral devastated by the quake

You see a lot of these “construction sheep” around town:

Construction sheep Construction sheep Construction sheep

Also, it’s May, but the leaves are changing and falling. Southern Hemisphere weirdness!

It's Fall in May!

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